World famous Dal Lake in Kashmir valley sees zero tourism this year

SRINAGAR: The reigning unrest in kashmir valley has led to  massive loss of Rs.4000 crore. A good number of tourists were expected to visit valley this season but unrest caused a steep decline in tourism sector in the valley. Where businessmen were looking to compensate losses, caused due to floods in 2014 and flood scare in 2015 this year, the year took the best of them.

Burhan Wani aftermath has hit the Kashmir tourism sector badly, with tourist arrivals drying up drastically leaving the stakeholders high and dry. According to the reports, the tourism sector has suffered Rs 4000 crore loss till now with massive cancellations. Hotel and transport industries have also been suffering from this unrest in Kashmir.


As mass cancellations of booking broke the back of tourism sector, the uncertain future due to continuous strikes is further affecting their future business prospects. The sad part is that there is still uncertainty about when peace will be restored. dal-lake-off-beat2

These pictures of Dal lake, are a clear reminder to the authorities and to the stone-pelting youth. The lake which was the centre of attraction an year back is now a forlorn sea of tears.

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