Can Even-Odd Formula be successful in J&K?

Neeraj Sharma

Jammu: The Even- odd formula was recently introduced by the Delhi Government to overcome the problem of pollution in the National Capital and NCR Region on a fifteen days trial basis. After the completion of the fifteen days trail, two factors came to fore – Delhiites did get some relief from the menacing pollution but it had also heavily increased the burden on public transport there.

Now a question arises. Jammu and Kashmir does not have a public transport system as compared to National Capital. Besides, it does not even have a well established Metro system. Can this formula be implemented in our state or not? Let us look at the pros and cons atleast.

In J&K, every year lakhs of vehicles are added to the already congested roads of the state which are already facing a lot of burden of vehicles. People remain in traffic jams in all over the city. Moreover the pollution level in the state is increasing day by day.

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There are many pros and corns in implementing this formula in our state. If this Even-Odd Formula is be implemented in the state, then it will also put burden on the public transport of the state which is not properly established in the state especially in the far flung areas. People will face a lot of hardships due to the heavy rush in the public transport during peak hours. There will be a lot of problem for travelling in the late evening or night hours.

There is no doubt, however, that if this formula is implemented in our state even on a trial basis this will help in reducing the pollution level in the state.

The only major question that arises is this – Will the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who define themselves by the cars they ride in, ever be ready to accept this formula?

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