Canal road women cell building is now a ‘brothel’

Jammu, October 3: According to a prominent Local Daily in Jammu, the building of Women Cell situated at Canal Road has now turned into a brothel.

Although the women cell has been shifted to Gandhi Nagar police station now, the building left vacant behind is now allegedly being used to fulfill the purpose of a red light zone for flesh trade. This building was once use to house a cell looking after the women care.

The local daily suggests, this building is a safe haven for the people involved in this business. All they need to do is to fill the pockets of care-takers of the building to keep their mouth shut and they can easily spend enjoyable hours without any disturbance in the building.

The details were provided by a police official in the lower rung who pleaded anonymity, the newspaper quotes.  He added that the place is is normally used as a resting place while during the late hours it turns into a brothel and vehicles line up around the building with top money-payers getting the priority.

There are one or two matador owners who are also involved in this awful work of bringing customers here.

The people living nearby have reported suspicious activities going on in and around the Old Women Cell. People usually see luxurious cars being parked near the building late and nights, the daily quotes.

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

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