Cancer deaths on rise in J&K over the past 4 years

One of the most dreaded disease, Cancer has left no part of the world untouched and Jammu and Kashmir is no exception. Over the years, the state has witnessed a steep surge in cancer cases questioning the health sector of the state. As per the data of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the cases of various types of Cancer including prostate cancer and related deaths are now on rise in Jammu and Kashmir during the past few years. The rising number is being attributed to the unhealthy life style, increased use of tobacco and tobacco products and also the lack of awareness about the factors responsible for this disease.


However the official sources have claimed that there could be a possibility that the rising number is due to the increased awareness. Better accessibility and medical facilities could be the cause of high records, now more cancer patients report for one reason or the other.

The Central government has been however trying to  supplemented the efforts of state for improving healthcare including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Cancer. In 2013-14 the Union Government approved a scheme under which two Tertiary Cancer Centres were sanctioned for J&K. However, no significant progress could be made in establishing these two centres. No funds were thereby released by the Union Government-one is Super Speciality Hospital, Jammu and other in SKIMS, Srinagar. With such a grim rise in the recent records of cancer in the state, the health sector needs to e strengthened one way or the other. The Union Government as well as the State Government should pace up their efforts being aware of such grave statistics.

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