Cancer facility still a dream for poor in Jammu


Exclusive: Why Cancer centres are still a dream for poor in Jammu? Approved almost 6 years ago under UPA government, cancer facilities are still under process. The project was approved in the month of February 2013 but its foundation stone is laid on September 12, 2019.

What we can project out of this is that how much our government is non-serious about the welfare and up-gradation of the society.

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This cancer centre project was approved in February 2013 at a cost of about Rs 45 crores under UPA government to help poor citizens who cannot afford the treatment. But government was in a deep sleep till two months back when they realized that this project should start and then they laid the foundation stone on September 12, 2019.

This delay has increased lots of problems to common citizen and moreover the cost of the project has also increased.

Why the government was sleeping till now when they know that the cancer patients are increasing day by day and going to private hospitals for treatment could be costly for them?

According to the reports Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) has recorded 2,104 cancer patients in 2014, 2,045 in 2015, 2,174 in 2016, 1,930 in 2017 and 2,373 in 2018.

What can be concluded by this?

Is there any chance for the poor to become the prime responsibility of the government or they will stay the same as they are till now?