Cannot fight drug menace with a dysfunctional rehab, Govt’s half-hearted efforts


The administration did pledge on eradicating the drug menace from Jammu. The police have had multiple breakthroughs in recent past as it has successfully led a crackdown on drug peddlers. The frequency of these raids is itself indicative of the drug mafia that is pervasive in our society.

But the operations carried so far do make catchy headlines in the news but the effectiveness, and whether these actions prove a major deterrent to crime is debatable as the inspection drives reveal even more peddlers as it gets. The network doesn’t seem to be scared of the law but constantly circumvent it to sustain their operations. While saddening videos surface, like this one in which a young boy in Rajouri is seen in a state of complete stupor by the effect of a drug consumed, the administration fails to bring reform.

Does the government actually have a foolproof plan to eradicate this menace of drugs from the city? The answer is absolute ‘NO’. The ‘lack of’ rehab centers and the condition of the one at JMC speak of their sheer ignorance and incapability to deal with the serious problem. Today, only one doctor is present at the institution despite the fact that the central govt had allocated 2.5 Crore fund for the upgradations, reported Jagran.

The lackadaisical attitude of the govt is confirmed by another instance when a rehab center opened at the Medical College eight years ago was shut down. Pertaining to lack of resources and provisions, this department remained closed for 2 years. Finally, it resumed its operations a month back after the appointment of Dr. Abhishek Chohan.

Otherwise, the inhabitants of Jammu are completely dependent on rehab centers run by police. The Police De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre located at Gulshan Ground, Jammu has a capacity of 15 beds.

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