Car catches fire on Akhnoor road, Jammu; man escapes with few injuries


JAMMU: A Scorpio car caught fire on Akhnoor road on Thursday afternoon.

The incident happened at around 3:30pm. The driver of the petrol driven car was heading towards Akhnoor when he noticed flames coming out of his car.

He immediately got off the car but in a bid to drowse the fire, the man got injured. The traffic cops deployed at the toll booth rushed towards the car and pulled the man away.

Meanwhile, the cops diverted the traffic towards other lanes to avoid any further mishap.

People gathered and immediately rushed with buckets of water. The fire was controlled and doused off within 15 minutes.

The traffic movement on Jammu-Akhnoor stretch was affected for a few minutes due to peak hours, but fortunately no jams were seen.

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