Casteism must end from the nation by Dec-14: Bose


KK Sarachandra Bose discussing his book 'Caste Away' with press in Jammu

Jammu: Spreading his message against casteism and root out the deep old malady from the nation, Dubai-based Bose Lawyer KK Sarachandra Bose has mounted pressure on the government at the centre to succeed in his grand mission who wedded to social activism undertaking a pioneering all-India expedition to spread his message against casteism and root out the deep old malady from the nation.

Bose while addressing the press conference at Press Club informed that we have already served a mandatory notice on the Government of India to eradicate the caste system in the country by or before 31 December 2014.

He further informed that Caste Away, which is supported by 40 years of research, has already been handed out to the President of India, the Prime Minister, all Members of Parliament, besides chief ministers, legislators, judges of the Supreme Court as well as several High Courts and lower echelons of the judiciary. It has also gone to the United Nations Secretary-General, Heads of States of different countries, intellectuals and the media among others, he added.


Bose also said India warranted a complete cleansing of the caste system which has been its curse for long. “If my demand is not met before 31st December 2014. “I request you to strengthen my campaign and realise its ultimate goal,” he added.

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