Caught on cam: Thieves steal Rs. 20,000 from Shiv Temple


Jammu, September 8: During the intervening night of 7 and 8 September, two thieves stole a huge amount of cash from the Shiv Temple in Subhash Nagar area. The amount stolen was to the tune of Rs. 20,000 and the whole act was caught on camera.

The face of one of the thieves caught in the theft was covered with a piece of cloth and he was seen walking out of the temple in the camera installed near the exit of the temple. A general appeal has been made to help identify the two thieves.

thief-stealing-money-at-shiv-temple-subhash-nagar-jammu-1  thief-stealing-money-at-shiv-temple-subhash-nagar-jammu-2 thief-stealing-money-at-shiv-temple-subhash-nagar-jammu-4   thief-stealing-money-at-shiv-temple-subhash-nagar-jammu-3

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