Caught on camera: 21-year-old dies after falling from rush hour local train

A fresh incident of Mumbai Local train death has come up where the fall of the passenger was recorded on camera. It is another testimony to how unkind the rush local train journeys can be. Bhavesh Nakate, a 21-year old had boarded a packed  8.59 am local from Dombivli and 21-year-old youth died after falling between Kopar and Diva Junction.

The just before death video is no less than a stern warning for the careless travellers. Anything can happen to anyone when careless and this video is proof of that. In the video you can see Bhavesh smiling while struggling to get a grip on the pole. He is also telling an elderly passenger to shift in and that is when the accident happened.

The Video can be disturbing. Watch at your own discretion.


Video Courtesy – Youtube

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