Caught On CCTV: Robber Hits ATM Guard On Head With Hammer (Watch Video)


PANAJI:  A security guard was struck multiple times on the head with a hammer when he tried to fight off a robber in Panaji. The man, who had broken into a Bank of Maharashtra ATM, escaped after launching a barrage of strikes on the guard’s head.

The robber’s face could not be caught in the footage recorded on the ATM’s CCTV camera as he was donning a balaclava.
In the video, released by news agency ANI, the unarmed guard can be seen attempting to catch hold of the robber inside the ATM. However, the robber strikes the guard with a hammer about ten to eleven times. In the 40-second-long video, the guard, who tries to put up a valiant fight, falls down on the floor after the first few strikes. He still tries to restrain the robber, who keeps on targeting the head of the guard. After about a dozen strikes to the head, and with the security guard’s head busted open, the robber manages to flee.

Even with a bleeding head, the guard manages to catch hold of the hammer, and tries to go after the robber outside the ATM.


A case has been registered with the police who are investigating the incident.
Watch the video here.

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