CBSE to bring out monograph series on best school practices



The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is going to bring out a compilation of best educational practices in its affiliated schools to promote a collaborative culture of excellence. The affiliated schools have been asked through CBSE’s circular of July 24 to report about their best practices which are ‘not only are exemplary in processes but produce exemplary outcomes as well’ covering ‘strategies/ approaches/ activities/ programmes in schools’.

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The CBSE-identified domains for best practices are: promoting a holistic curriculum; instructional leadership; quality teachers; continuous professional development; innovative pedagogy; innovative assessment;  differential instruction;  health promoting school;  eco- school;  nurturing sports;  integrating it in all areas of the curriculum; promoting inclusive education; taking care of students’ counseling needs/mental health;  promoting reading;  focus on language speaking and listening;  promoting creativity;  acknowledging our heritage;  community outreach;  linkages with institutes of higher education;  student autonomy;  partnering with parents.

The schools have been requested to identify some exemplar work or practice and fill the details in two proformas. After scrutinizing and short listing the entries, the Board shall further collaborate with schools to gather evidence and document the chosen best practice to create a monograph for sharing.

Hope that the CBSE will ensure a quality document that will be shared with and transacted among school functionaries.