CCTV cameras in valley Mosques; Way of transparency or checking ‘activity’?

Jammu and Kashmir News

J&K Waqf Board, the premier organization that handles the affairs of Muslim religious shrines and properties in the State has come up with the concept of installing CCTV cameras in premises of all the mosques and shrines under it. The board has expressed its concerns about transparency and accountability of the Imams and the priests that overlook these holy places and hence came up with the idea.

Waqf is one of the richest religious organizations in J&K and is perceived as very important, influential and acts as custodian of the sacred trust of people.

The unattended questions regarding the massive property and never-ending list of assets under this particular board has mentions of irregularity, incompetence and favouritism within the organization.

As per the vice-president and former minister, Pir Mohammed Hussain, the installation of cameras is just a means to ensure security in these places and also to keep check on the donations made by the people. The board’s most recent meeting was chaired by CM Mehbooba Mufti, who made it pretty clear that transparency and protection and safety of the board’s movable and immovable properties should be the prime concern.

Of the many affairs that the board has to attend to, it is in fact a matter of question as to why the Imams and the priests paid poorly despite the fact that Wakf is one of the richest boards of the state.

Some of the mosques in Avantipora area of the valley have already set up the cameras in their premises. Also, since major part of Kashmir is always at the risk of terrorist attacks and Mosques and shrines are seen as safe haven by these radicals, installation of CCTV cameras might be the best thing happening in keeping a check on the unwanted elements.

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