CCTV cams catch Doctors napping and professors taking bribe officially

Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, April 16: Director, Institute of Kashmir Studies, University of Kashmir, Gull Wani has issued a notice to his employees to abstain them from leaving the University premises during office hours to visit other departments.

The notice issued by Wani reads that, it has been observed that employees of the institute frequently visit the administration section of the university during office hours without informing the director, resulting in administrative inconvenience at the institute. As such, every staff member is directed to desist from this.

Officials at the university said that employees leave their respective departments during office hours and visit the administrative department where meet people and promising them to help in lieu of a bribe.

Similarly, the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), earlier this month, issued the same notice asking its employees to stop doing such acts which ultimately brings bad name to the Dept.

The SMC notice reads that, employees working in sub-offices and the central office of the SMC are found roaming near the birth and death sections on a regular basis, due to what the public is facing a lot of problems. The SMC has also asked its employees not to leave their offices during woe times.

Similar is the case in Kashmir’s lone children hospital, GB Pant, when a doctor posted at the Neonatology Intensive Care Unit was found leaving critical care unit during duty hours and was also seen napping in his room during duty hours, when he was put under CCTV surveillance after regular complaints of his absence.

Medical Superintendent, GB Pant, Dr Shafaqat Khan had said the accused doctor has been abstained from doing practice after that incident.

However, officials have requested the government to install CCTVs cameras and to check absenteeism, the biometric attendance system should be installed.

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