CCTV installed in Jammu still traffic violators go free?


Why traffic violators are roaming free despite of the installation of CCTV and traffic lights? Norms are being violated everyday. Who is responsible for such chaos and leniency?

We all talk about rules and regulations but we are the people that don’t follow these rules. Citizens of Jammu city take these rules for granted. Traffic lights are jumped everyday and none is being fined or charged with penalty or served any notice by the law-enforcing agencies.

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Our administration is equally responsible for such acts. Every other state has the provision of sending the challan at home by taking the screenshot but in Jammu its still not applicable.

CCTV’s has just turned into a show piece that is good for nothing.

Why we all can’t change our mentally towards the betterness of our country? Why we take our rules and regulations for granted?

To make our country grow we should follow everything that needs to be followed like traffic rules etc.