Grow with Us

CEASE THE BARRIERSThe state of Jammu and Kashmir has always encountered conflicts and controversies, be it politics, be it media affairs or some ill-records of the history. The catastrophe has sabotaged the state in all realms, its not about the ruined topography anymore it is a disaster of unmitigated proportions which will require a supreme effort to restore normalcy.

Crisis like these undoubtedly enhance a space for mischief and difference. The separatists won’t look for chances to spare the ones saving them but to contradict the efforts being put by them whenever they can, wherever they can. And perhaps that is the reason the state has not yet overcome the affair of communal difference from decades.

The mischief looks for the times when the difference can be mounted up vigorously-history tells that! Some bad eggs making the victims favour Pakistan to save themselves should not make space for your adverse opinions.

One group of bad eggs doesn’t give an analysis of the whole Kashmir. One half suffers as the other half does,and being judgemental over such incidents would pave way for more conflicts and not at all for your patriotism towards any Nation.


The time is not to celebrate affliction but to join hands and cease the barriers of communities. The time is to promote humanity and not illegible discrepancy. The time is to appreciate and encourage the ones who are risking their lives on stake and saving the ones who might have lost hope.This message is not for any state or community,this message is for those humane people who would rather chose to save than to kill the wee remains of solidarity.