Central University slowly developing as ‘adda’ for Anti-nationalist discussions in Jammu


JAMMU: All the hard work done by the ‘left oriented faculty members along with a bunch of students behind closed doors, enjoying ‘beef parties’ bore fruit as first unit of the Students Federation of India (SFI) was launched in the Central University campus, Jammu.
SFI is a student wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Central university of Jammu is always surrounded with the news of promotion of Anti National activities and this party formation is the big step taken by the back stabbers of country. According to the sources the one or two faculty member from each department is involved in the anti national activities and they make students to join them also . They pick most week students from classes and try to brain wash them from very first day . This happens every year with new batch . The anti nationals of CUJ have their specific ‘adda’ where they discuss their agenda. The faculty involved also try to create hatred among the students by telling them only the negative points of government during lectures .

It’s also been noted that many times the anti India speakers were also invited to give lectures to students in university premises. Few months back the issue of newspaper pasting was also highlighted in media where intentionally the pictures of national flag, Prime-minister and President were pasted on the floor of main entrance of university. Forcing the students to step on them and go inside the university.

Recently the NIA has also taken a photo journalist from kashmir under their custody so in CUJ posters are pasted in the walls of classes in his support.


The intelligence agencies have set their eyes on the all the anti national activities happening in CUJ and soon a strict action will be taken against them.

Ironically, the unit comes in the wake of reports about some ‘students’, with active connivance of left oriented faculty members, visiting illegal Rohingya settlements in the Jammu outskirts. The Rohingya issue has come into national focus, especially after the Centre told the Supreme Court that the illegal immigrants were a threat to India. Jammu has been strongly pitching for deportation of Rohingyas.

In a facebook post of several SFI volunteers, a message was posted which declared to the outer world, “SFI launches its first unit in Central University of Jammu. It’s the first unit committee of SFI in Jammu And Kashmir State”.

Vikram Singh, National Secretary of SFI, had come all the way to Jammu for inaugurating the convention under the Dhaba tree of CUJ.
This is for the first time a ‘left oriented’ students wing organisation has been launched in any academic institution in the State, which clearly marks a shift in the evolution of student politics. The movement in support of SFI gathered momentum with the help of senior faculty members whose activities on the campus have already become cause of concern for the Central University authorities. SFI has also selected their president and Vice President also who are from the CUJ and they have started doing their respective work also i.e. divide and rule.
The left oriented faculty and students have been joining hands with the ‘Azadi’ brigade in the University campus and polluting the academic atmosphere under the nose of the Vice Chancellor Prof Ashok Aima.

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