Centre should respect the Pak Flag, says NC leader Dr. Mustafa Kamal

Jammu and Kashmir News

National Conference’s controversial leader Dr. Mustafa Kamal is in news again for condemning the state government for creating a hue and cry over the raising of Pak flags in the valley. He said that Pakistan is a part of the lives of Kashmiris and hence this issue should not come as a surprise to the leaders. “The Centre should respect the Pak flag,” he said.

While addressing media, he said that Pakistan was a part of India before 1947 and until the Kashmir issue is resolved by both India and Pakistan, such rallies and flags will continue to remain in our sight. Sooner or later, the Kashmir issue needs to be resolved by the two countries. He added that the Centre doesn’t need to retaliate seeing Pak flags in the valley and should accept it as a neighbor country’s flag. Some people raise flags only to seek media’s attention and to provoke the Centre leadership. Both the countries should respect each other’s flags, these are national symbols and not just a piece of cloth.

He said that there are many elements who are keen to disturb the peace in valley and hence media should stop paying attention to them, that is the only way to stop them. We cannot just blame one group and the other as there are many active agencies and organizations working against the country.

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