CEO Jammu paid surprise visit to various schools

JAMMU: The Chief Education Officer, Jammu Tarsem Lal paid surprise visit to Dansal Zone and visited various school included PS Balaran Jhajjar Kotli which has been badly hit by the floods as one side of the mountain has damaged the school wall.
The other schools visited by the Chief Education Officer, Jammu were PS Panjal, MS Domail, GMS Chhourta, PS Kodal, HSS Dansal where the Chief Education Officer, Jammu tested the Mid-day Meal prepared by the school authorities for the children. He also issued on the spot instructions to the staff to be alert & vigil and said that no laxity will tolerated by the department for the welfare of the children.
The chief Education Officer, Jammu visited the Zonal Education Officer, Dansal and inspected the records of the zone.
He also paid a surprise visit to the Holy Trinity Convent School Dansal and inspected the working of the school. On the spot instructions were also issued to school authorities for the better functioning of the school.


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