CEO stops salaries of school teachers for poor results

Rajouri, January 23: The salaries of the entire staff of Dhanidar Government Middle School have been stopped by the Chief Education Officer, Rajouri, Ch Altaf Hussain since the school was showing poor performance for many years in a row.

A tribune report says that the staff members of the school including the headmaster of the school have taken their duty for granted and were committing irregularities and hence the CEO decided to stop their salary untill they show desired results.

The CEO said that the education department chooses the best candidates who are highly qualified and their duty is to use their qualification and improve quality of education provided in the government schools. He further said that the students who come to government schools belong to modest families and they cannot afford education in private schools and tuitions. It is the duty of these teachers to provide good quality education which will do justice to their profession.

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