CET aspirants’ bus attack by stone pelters goes unreported in Kashmir


Srinagar, August 1: A facebook post has been going viral and for the reason of biased reporting by Kashmir based press and media. Over 10,000 students appeared in the CET yesterday in the valley amid curfew and protests and one of the buses ferrying the student aspirants who took the exam was attacked by stone pelters according to the post.

Four students received injuries and were admitted in a local hospital according to the post written by Umar Andrabi.

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Umair Andrabi is an aspiring Lawyer, Humanist and Human Rights advocate. This post has been shared from his Facebook wall. What is eye catching about Andrabi’s wall on facebook is the neutral ground that his postings, many of which support Kashmir actually exhibit.

He speaks not for the Kashmir issue per se, but for what can morally be perceived as wrong.

Andrabi, himself points out that the reporting by Kashmir based Media is biased and predicts that even he could not be called an Indian agent.


Umair himself in the