Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elections, Jammu; final nominations filed.


Jammu : Today, Election President of JCCI in a press conference at Chamber released the final list of contenders for various posts. Thirteen members of the Industry &  Commerce fraternity from Jammu have filed nominations for the election to the Executive body of  the  Jammu Chamber of  Commerce and Industry (JCCI). The filing of nominations had commenced on 30th Jan. 2nd Feb was the last date of filing nominations by the candidates till 5 pm. The scrutiny of the papers took place today (4 Feb), the withdrawal date is February 15 and election will take place on March 5, 2017.

From thirteen nominations filed for the varied posts, maximum nominations (3) have been filed for the post of Senior Vice President while other posts of President, Junior Vice President, Secretary General, Secretary and Treasurer, have received two nominations each.

Sh. Rakesh Gupta who is the present head of the apex body of commerce has filed his nomination again for the post of President.The other contestant for Presidentship is the acting Secretary General Sh. Arun Gupta. Rahul Mahajan who’s the present secretary of the body has filed nomination for the post of Junior Vice President and Deepak Aggarwal has filed nomination for the post of Secretary General. He is the Junior Vice President in the JCCI at present.

The thirteen nominees for the respective posts are enumerated below:

  1. Arun Gupta                       President
  2. Rakesh Gupta                   President
  3. Rajesh Gupta                    Sr. Vice President
  4. Rajiv K Gupta                   Sr. Vice President
  5. Surinder Mahajan          Sr. Vice President
  6. Rahul Mahajan                Jr. Vice President
  7. Rajeev Gupta (Kaka)     Jr. Vice President
  8. Deepak Aggarwal           Secretary General
  9. Manish Gupta                  Secretary General
  10. Gaurav Gupta                  Secretary
  11. Rajesh Gupta                   Secretary
  12. Ashu Gupta                      Treasurer
  13. Rakesh Jindal                 Treasurer





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