Chamber of Commerce calls BJP leaders Jaichands

Jammu, Aug 20: Alleging BJP sabotaging its bandh call, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Jammu today has described BJP as ‘Jaichands of Jammu’ which has been working to defame and tarnish the image of the Jammu Chamber for the last two years.

In a press statement issued here today, President Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rakesh Gupta stated when the Chamber called a Bandh call to express separatists that people of state are united but the BJP’ s State President Sat Sharma felt that it was the right time to defame and tarnish the image of the Jammu Chamber. He added as Jammu Chamber for the last two years only did what was in the best interest of Jammu and never listened to his (BJP leader’s) dictates.

“Thus BJP state president hatched a conspiracy and in a stage managed Press Conference at noon on Aug 19, he said that : The letter which has been issued by Kashmir Chamber of Commerce asking Jammu Chamber to go ahead with Jammu Bandh on Aug 20,” President CCI- Jammu stated.

“Sat Sharma state President BJP who is a chartered accountant by profession has let down the name of all the educated class as he does not know the difference between a ‘letter and a press note’, he said, adding, “it was a press note from Kashmir Chamber and not a letter.”

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In his statement President Rakesh Gupta stated that he had conveyed to the people in Kashmir though Media that if by Friday, August 19 afternoon the Jammu Chamber does not get a positive message from representatives of Kashmir Civil Society for intra region dialogue followed by a joint delegation of representatives from three regions of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh to call on CM Mehbooba Mufti with a charter of demands the Jammu Chamber shall be left with no option but to call for a Jammu Bandh on Saturday Aug 20 in support of Peace , in support of Communal Harmony and against the agenda of the anti national elements in the state.

The President Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rakesh Gupta stated that the Jammu Province shall observe a voluntary one day Bandh on Saturday, 20 August in support of peace & communal harmony & against anti nationals & traitors

He said the sole purpose of Intra Region dialogue was to convey to the Separatists that the people of Jammu and Ladakh were not with them in their Anti India Campaign and peace is imperative for development of the state.”

However after this the Jaichands of Jammu became active and started posting on social media especially Whatsapp against the Chamber that Chamber is supporting the anti nationals.

It was mentioned nowhere in the posts on whatsapp and social media that it’s Bar Associations decision.

The statement further stated that here it needs to mention that Bar Association neither supported nor opposed the bandh call which could be verified from the Office Bearers of the Bar Association but it was a handful job some selfish people working against the interests of Jammu Region.

“This conspirator Sat Sharma tried to prove that Jammu chamber was Anti National for his vested interests, the statement added.

President CCI Jammu Mr Gupta also cited various decisions stated the reasons why this conspiracy was hatched against the chamber by Sat Sharma and some people claiming to be advocates of Bar Association.

He stated on April 24 , 2015 – The Jammu Chamber gave call for Jammu Bandh on April 24 as the state BJP for the greed of power had surrendered AIIMS for Kashmir. The bandh was complete and BJP was left red faced.

Later on May 27 , 2015 – The Jammu Chamber again gave call for bandh as the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was visiting jammu and it was a joint call by the Chamber and Bar Association headed by the Bar as AIIMS Co ordination committee and was again a complete bandh for which the state BJP faced a tough times again.

On July 31, 2015 – Again a Joint Call by AIIMS Co ordination Committee and BJP for 3 days and later extended for 3 days more to get AIIMS for Jammu following which on Aug 5 ,2015 – Communication received from Union Ministry initiating process for AIIMS at Jammu.

Similarly on Oct 2015 – The truck attack incident at Udhampur created a 2008 like situation. BJP was again speechless and their inaction to contain the situation forced the Jammu Chamber President to fly to Srinagar without any security cover and address a Press Conference to difuse the situation jointly with Kashmir Chamber.

Thereafter in April 2016 – The student carrying Indian Tri Colour inside the NIT Srinagar Campus brutally bean up by Police. However Dy CM issued a statement “It was a mild Lathi charge” None from state BJP went inside the NIT Campus. It was again the Jammu Chamber President who went to NIT Srinagar and met the Director on May 6. It was Jammu Chamber who condemned the statement of Dy.CM Nirmal Singh saying mild lathicharge.

July 24,2016 – The Union Home Minister Raj Nath Singh visits Srinagar because of the law and order situation in Kashmir. Only the Jammu Chamber President along with other office bearers reached Srinagar and meet the home minister to update his about the ground realities.

President CCI- Jammu stated that CCI Jammu is the only business associations in Jammu at provincial level which has a democratic process of election through ballot and jaichands want to weaken it but they will never succeed.

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He quipped that state BJP won the assembly seats just because of the goodwill and trust of PM Narinder Modi on the other hand state BJP has failed to live up to the expectations of the common man. “Their lips are sealed not even a single statement against the Sepratists, not even a single statement against killings of our police force or soldiers. Why, he asked, and questioned from State president BJP, “Amarnamth ji ki yatra reduced from 5 lac to 2 lac, yatris beaten langars burnt, no word from state BJP SAT Sharma why?”

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