Chamber of Commerce Elections 2017


Here is the Complete list of New Team members of CCI Jammu 

The Bi-ennial Elections of Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the term 2017-19 were held today on Sunday the 5th March 2017 at Chamber House under the supervision of the election  committee headed by  Sh. Annil Suri.


 For the Post of President Sh. Arun Gupta secured 1028 Votes and Sh. Rakesh Gupta secured 1208  votes. Sh. Rakesh Gupta was declared elected as President.


For the Post of Sr. Vice President Sh. Rajiv K Gupta  secured  435 votes and Sh. Rajesh Gupta  secured 1806  votes. Sh. Rajesh Gupta was declared elected as Sr. Vice President.


For the Post of Jr. Vice President Sh. Rajiv Gupta (Kaka) secured 1138  votes and Sh. Rahul Mahajan  secured  1105 votes. Sh. Rajeev Gupta (Kaka)  was declared elected as Jr. Vice President.


For the Post of Secretary General Sh. Deepak Aggarwal  secured 939 votes and Sh. Manish Gupta secured 1294  votes. Sh. Manish Gupta was declared elected as Secretary General


For the Post of Secretary Gaurav  Gupta secured  1323 votes and Sh. Rajesh Gupta secured 905 votes. Sh. Gaurav Gupta was declared elected as Secretary.


 Sh. Ashu Gupta was declared elected unopposed as Treasurer.


The Election President thanked the team of his election Committee comprising of  Sh. Rajan Gupta and Sh. Jagdish Langer, and Sh. Ashwani Khullar   and the Polling Staff for their contribution in conducting the peaceful free, fair and transparent elections. The election President also thanked all the worthy members who  participated in such a large number by casting their valuable votes and elected their future leader for the term 2017-2019. 

Chamber of Commerce Jammu unit announced the elections which will be held on 5th of March 2017, as per the constitution of the Chamber of Commerce, every election will be held after 2 years in the months of march and April. Total 13 candidates are contesting in this year’s elections for various posts in the Chamber of Commerce, Jammu.
Meet the nominees:
For the post of President, Rakesh Gupta who is presently on the same post filled their nomination and other contestant for the same post is Arun Gupta who is presently on the post of General secretary.
For the post of the Senior Vice President, three candidates are contesting which incudes Rajeev Gupta, Suriender Mahajan and Rajesh Gupta.
For the post of Junior Vice President, Rahul Mahajan and Rajeev Gupta (Kaka)
For the post of General secretary Deepak Agarwal and Manish Mahajan are contesting.
For the post of secretary, Gaurav Gupta and Rajesh Gupta contesting.
And For the post of Treasurer,  Ashu Gupta and Rakesh Jandyal are contesting.

All the 13 candidates filled their nominations for the respective seats and starts the campaigning for the elections in the every district from Banihal to lakhanpur area of Jammu. In these elections, all the candidates will starts campaigning to their voters individually which is one of the difficult kind of campaigning for them as per sources.
Total voters who having the voting rights are 2361 who will write their fates with their precious votes. Voting and counting will be on the same day as on 5th of March 2017from 10am to 5pm.
As per the sources, these are the very smooth elections ever held from the 1950’s to till the last elections of 2015.
Anil Suri, President election for Chamber also said that they have requested the Election Commissioner of India for the use of EVM machines in this election for the smooth and transparent chamber elections.

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