Chamber of commerce express its concern over mockery of Article 370


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jammu not only  feels shocked that open mockery of Article 370 is taking place in Jammu by unseen forces with permanent settlement of thousands of Non State Subjects and Foreign Nationals in Jammu City and around but Chamber also questions the law enforcing agencies for their silence and inaction in this matter that too in a state where National & State Security should be their prime concern.  The President CCI Sh. Rakesh Gupta questions the State governments stand on dual policy of enforcing Article 370 on different lines  in kashmir where even the construction of Sanik Colony for the people serving in JKP and are the State Subjects,   and even colony for Kashmiri Pandit Migrants who are indispensible part and parcel of the State has not seen the light of the day because of threats from Anti Nationals within the state and on the other hand allowing the settlement of Non State Subjects and even Foreign Nationals in Jammu. The Chambers also questions the Government that on one hand the Human Rights of the people from West Pakistan  have been violated over decades by denying them their rights even being Indians and on the contrary being mute spectators to the unlawful settlement of foreign nationals here.


The Chamber feels that its a deliberate but a successful attempt by unseen forces who have made Demographic changes visible in Jammu city and around. The Chamber expresses grave concern and can foresee the threat not only to secularism but peace. The Chamber questions the heads of the various security agencies that why they have not seen these settlement as a grave threat to the internal security as these people can provide all possible support and shelter to the Anti Nationals to carry out not only attacks on security forces but maybe involved in the menace of drugs, thefts and all sorts of crimes without being traced. Its also a matter of concern that these people are also seen as beggars and rag pickers possibly doing recce may be passing on sensitive information to the anti nationals.


The Chamber also question the Ministry of Railways as to how they have employed foreign nationals as labour that has led their entry and permanent settlement in the state whereas ample labour of Indian origin is freely available. The Chamber feels confused that has the Ministry of Railways assured the security concerns employing foreign  nationals without knowing their backgrounds.


The Chamber questions the concerned departments responsible for enforcing the laws as far as the licensing conditions for Rehris and the open shops on road sides and individuals selling on their heads and shoulders at the bus stands and Railways stations and the stuff they are authorized to sell resulting huge tax evasion and loss to the ex chequer but also in traffic mess.. The Chamber feels that they are a great  security threat having no identity cards that should be hanging around their necks.


The inaction of various government departments and corruption  is posing  threat to the existence of Traders and Industrialists who are finding hard to survive in the trouble torn state already. The Chamber warns various government officers who are openly supporting the big chains not caring about the laws which has made the local traders hard to make ends meet but also threatening the existence of Local Industrialists in the state of Jammu & Kashmir by not following the purchase and price preference policies made itself by the Government for reasons which are very visible now.


The Chamber feels that the people of Jammu & Kashmir should get ready for the final fight to force the government to take the matters of Security of common people and the Sacrifices of the security forces seriously and also protect the rights and share of the traders and the industrialists. The Chamber quotes a live example of Corruption and favouritism that the Chemist Shops inside various Government Hospitals in Jammu Province were allotted to a same group from outside the state by getting manipulated tenders and allowing them to sell medicines to the poor suffering patients and no extra discounts available over and above available in the local market. The Chamber wants to question the Health & Medical education department to clear their stand on this as their act which will force thousands of Chemist Shop owners to shut down their shops and creating huge un employment. Its high time the state government must decide that they want to do business or to create platforms and environment to help the entrepreneurs to do business  and also a live example of PDD & the Police HQ procurement system ignoring its own governments preference policies to the local Industry.


The Chamber want to convey to the State Government to either implement in toto or abolish Article 370 and at the same time we would like to remind one and all that even during Maharajas Rule in the state, experts were called to work on projects for the welfare of the state and it was assured that they get all the comforts so that they could sincerely work on the projects benefiting the state but now even the IAS , IPS and other such cadres don’t have the right to get even a small piece of land to build a house to live in after they retire and even their children have no rights to education or state government jobs. In such conditions how could we get optimum benefits from their services and more so the Chamber fears that even after getting 2 AIIMS in the state it shall be hard to find the doctors to rum them. The big question today is that,  are rules and laws meant to comfort the citizens or harass them.


The Office Bearers of Chamber of Commerce & Industry present in the Press Conference include  Sh. Rakesh Gupta, President, Sh. Deepak Aggarwal, Jr. Vice President and Sh. Rahul Mahajan, Secretary.


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