Chander Parkash tours border areas; Reviews flood protection measures along Devak, Basanter streams

Jammu and Kashmir News

SAMBA, JUNE 27- Minister for Commerce and Industries Chander Prakash Ganga today visited forward villages of Tehsil Ramgarh and inspected the flood protection measures along the Deval and Basanter rivulets.

The Minister visited Koulpur, Kamore and other villages hit by previous year floods due to breach in protection Bunds of the twin rivers.

The Minister inspected the   breach sites and other vulnerable spots along the Devak and Basanter.

Deputy Commissioner Samba Sheetal Nanda, SDM  Vijaypur, XEN Flood control, Tehsildar Ramgarh and other officers and officials accompanied the minister during the  visit.


The  locals of the village Koulpur apprised the Minister about the situation which led to the  flooding of the area    and requested for taking  effective flood protection  measures to prevent repeat of last year situation  during the upcoming monsoon season.

The  Locals informed the minister that the villages adjoining to Devak and Basanter  like Koulpur ,Khanpur Rattanpur ,Rangoor , Rangoor Camp, Barota, Keso ,Kamor, Kamor Camp, Nanga are highly flood prone and   need immediate flood protection measures.

Responding to the demand, the Minister directed   Flood Control Department to make straight diversion channel in Devak River from Koulpur to Tarapur so as to divert the maximum flow of water during floods.

He also directed for construction of a similar diversion channel along Basanter River to minimize the flow of water during floods.

The XEN Flood Control briefed the Minister about the steps taken by the flood control department to avert such conditions if arisen. He   added that the process of making of diversion channel in Kamore Forward area is already in progress and will be completed soon and a proposal of bund construction of 750meters in  Kamore forward area has already been made  and work will be started soon.

The Minister assured the people of adjoining villages that diversion channels will be made and completed soon  which will help in diversion of water to its original course and prevent flood water to enter the adjoining villages as its bunds were breached during last floods .He further directed    to flood control department to expedite the work of construction of diversion channels at Koulpur and Kamore forward areas and construct bunds as soon as possible and  be ready with their action plan to overcome such flood situation if arisen during ensuing monsoon season .

Earlier, Minister paid surprise visit to SDM Vijaypur office and enquired about the staff position. He checked attendance and inspected the working of office .He warned the officials of strict action for violation of  duty  norms, including dereliction of duty and absenteeism.    .