Channi Himmat girl who had gone missing, reaches police station

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Jammu, July 20 : A young woman who was reported missing a while ago from the Channi Himmat area of Jammu returned home on Tuesday. The girl reached the Police Station along with a boy after marrying him. As per the police, the girl is of the legal age for marriage and her marriage will be considered lawful.

The girl’s mother, though in shock, accepted her daughter’s matrimony. Originally from Kolkata, the mother, Vimla, had reported her daughter’s absence with the Police a while ago. After the police started investigating into the matter they were suspicious of her being in Samba. Incidentally, the girl got the news and she came to the Police Station on her own. It was then, that she explained to the police that she had married a boy.
According to the SHO, Sajjad Haider, the  girl is both deaf and dumb. Also, the boy may take advantage of this fact and may cause her inconvenience, hence, the police decided that the boy will be taken to the Court and a written statement will be obtained from him mentioning that he would not cause the girl any trouble in future. The rest of the Court proceedings will also be conducted under the Police’s supervision.
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