Channi Sex Scandal, Police Fails To Take Cognizance Till Now

JAMMU, Dec 27: A high level probe has been demanded into the sex scandal Sting CD which has exposed a deep sex racket in Jammu allegedly involving many Police officers, politicians and businessmen.
While addressing a press conference it was demanded that there has been sting operation conducted by some one in a house at Channi Rama where one Swarna r/o Qasim Nagar, Jammu who was running a brothel has been caught on camera.
Despite the same being aired by news channel and the CD being sent by one victim to all the Police officers and high ups, no cognizance has been taken which is mandated under law.
This clearly shows that how neck deep the sex racket is and many politicians and big wigs are involved in the same who are sheltering this flesh trade. It was further alleged that the Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti herself being a women must deal with this flesh trade with iron hands and the culprits like Swarna and her accomplices must be booked under law, but that has not been done till date based on authentic sting CD. So much so that even investigation has not been initiated on the said sting operation and CD containing the hard evidence of flesh trade has till date not been verified by the Police as the officers are themselves involved, it was alleged during the press conference.
It was alleged that a mere look on the data will show that recently in the year 2016 itself there have been sex scams in Janipur, Akhnoor Channi, Gangyal, Trikuta Nagar etc and it is no longer a secret that gullible girls and women are being forced into this trade either per force or for drugs or for money and thus business is flourishing in Jammu.
It was alleged that the Police machinery which has all the CID inputs under their nose, such sex rackets are running and flourishing. In the video captured on camera Swarna Devi wife of Ashok Kumar R/o Qasim Nagar Jammu can be clearly seen in the videos taking money from her customers in lieu of flesh trade. She even takes money to supply call girls to customers in cars. Her houses at Qasim Nagar, Channi is being used as brothels by her and many women and girls are being used in this trade. As per the complainant several men and women and at present she in jail in rape case alongwith some other such accomplices. Her clients includes many prominent businessmen, Police Officers, Bureaucrats and politicians and only an in-depth probe by a team of honest and dedicated offices can bring to light this case as well as connected cases of sex sleaze in Jammu which is flourishing. If her telephones/ mobile phone records are scanned and her accomplices both in jail and outside are investigated then it is sure that such people will be brought to justice, it was demanded.
A fervent appeal was made to the PDP- BJP Govt headed by Ms Mehbooba Mufti to save the society of Jammu and young girls, as these people of sex mafia are encouraged by the Police and later after getting bailed out from Courts still run these brothels and lure many girls into this racket either by force or for drugs which is closely connected with this sex sleaze. The lawmakers have framed many such laws in this regard like the Immoral Trafficking Act which prohibits prostitution, trafficking etc but it is falling in deaf ears as these gangs have patronage of these Police Officers and Politicians etc and want to avoid controversy.
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