‘Chaotic 1990s like situation returns to J&K under PDP-BJP rule’


Former Union Minister and Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad today said that early 90s like situation has returned to the state from the day PDP-BJP coalition took over the regime.

“The Congress party wanted to go to all the three regions of the state and hold deliberations with the people,’’ Mr Azad told reporters here this evening after nearly 20 delegations interacted with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh headed high level Congress Policy and Planning Group of Jammu and Kashmir Affairs.

He said, “We wanted to meet people of all the regions following which a Kashmir group was formed.’’
He, however, alleged that the day PDP-BJP government took over the state affairs, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir has worsened.
“Early 90s like situation is back in PDP-BJP rule,’’ he said.

The former chief minister further said, “At the time when NC-Congress government was ruling in J&K and UPA ruling in the Centre, situation in all aspects was good.”

Developmental works were in progress, employment avenues were there, terrorism was almost wiped out from the state, he said and added, “We wanted to have assessment of the situation during PDP-BJP coalition government and wanted to know from the people what they have lost and what they gained.”

On Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Jammu just a day after Congress Group, Mr Azad said, “Our programme was announced 15 days ago. Mr Rajnath Singh, who never used to spare four-hours from his busy schedule but after our programme, he too planned immediately to rush to Jammu and Kashmir but it will not have any impact.’’

“More than three years have passed and they (Centre) took no concrete steps to improve situation in Jammu and Kashmir,’’ he added.
“Even if he stays in Jammu and Kashmir for four days or four months, nothing is going to improve because their mindset is not going to change,’’ alleged the Congress stalwart.
The Union Home Minister will visit Nowshera sector of Rajouri district tomorrow and later in the evening will meet various delegations and on September 12, he is also likely to address the media.

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