Charges framed against Srinagar boy in alleged ‘love jihad’ case


A local court on Thursday framed rape and criminal intimidation charges against a Srinagar resident. A 19-year-old girl from the city had approached the High Court alleging that the minor had raped her and forcibly converted her to Islam.

The survivor had claimed the Chandigarh police had not investigate her case fairly. She had alleged in her plea to the high court in June that she was not only raped, but was also forced to convert to Islam, was attacked and had acid thrown on her face.

The high court, however, had sent the matter to the trial court

Defence counsel Terminder Singh contradicted the claims made by the survivor and said that his client was being falsely implicated. “The girl refused medical examination and has not been able to prove her age,” the lawyer said.

The police status report had pointed out that in the record obtained from the Indian Audit and Accounts department, her name was different from what she had mentioned and there was a gap of three years in the birth date she had revealed in her petition and the date mentioned in the records.

In her complaint, the survivor had alleged that the accused had befriended her on Facebook in January 2016. They both met in November when the accused came to Chandigarh and she got to know that he was a Muslim.

She alleged that they again met in April 2017 when the accused forced her into a physical relationship and took objectionable photographs.

She also alleged that she was forced to convert to Islam. Later in mid-2017, she went to Srinagar where she as allegedly raped by five members of the accused’s family.

On June 4 this year, she alleged that she was allegedly raped by five members of the accused’s family.

On June 4 this year, she alleged that she was attacked with acid while going to juvenile court. However, doctors found no such injuries.

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