Chasm between Kashmir, and Jammu to rise further if BJP-PDP coalition fails

PDP drafts CBMs, BJP yet to be informed
Image Courtesy: Indian Express
If the coalition between BJP, and PDP is not successful there is every likelihood that Jammu and Kashmir will have to go through fresh elections, and this process is not going to be very easy. Politicians as well as experts, and Kashmir watchers agree that if a new election is held it is going to further polarize the people of the state on regional and religious lines, as the electoral battle could turn very bitter.

It is because of this reason that senior leaders from parties are advocating that a fresh, and mature thought should be given by both the parties to form the government against. If polls are ordered, both PDP, and BJP will have to explain to their voters, and party members why the failure happened, and why both the parties could not trust each other, and also failed the trust of the masses. Issues like article 370, state flag, beef ban, and delimitation would come out in the open, and so would be the fight between Kashmir, and Jammu regions one being represented by the BJP, and other by PDP. It is very likely that both Congress and National Conference will add fuel to this fire, and the political atmosphere might turn gory, and give a fillip to the separatists, who have been all along saying that J&K has no future in India.
The Agenda of Alliance has the potential of dividing the state on strong regional and communal lines aver experts who are more inclined towards the leftist Congress agenda, and want the BJP to bow before the clever Kashmiri leadership which wants to blackmail the country. They are threatening that if funds are not released soon by centre, and BJP continues to call the shots in the state, and if PDP is not given it’s due means lions share then the political situation would go back to nineties, and terrorism would be back with even more bang.

Commentators also are warning that issue of not releasing flood relief funds, dismissing of Mufti Mohd Sayeed’s views after a speech in Srinagar, and not handing over of power projects to J&K government could ignite passions, and lead to tension as there has already been unrest in the state over centre controlling the power projects in the state. If PDP will find it difficult to convince it’s supporters in Kashmir, the BJP had even more tough job of getting back to it’s supporters, and voters with conviction who are disgruntled with the party over concession made to Kashmir. BJP also could not deliver the promised relief package to west Pak refugees, had to compromise on it’s stand on Article 370, and several such issues. The election if it happens is bound polarized the state further but this is no reason that central government, BJP should give into the shenanigans of PDP which is bent on blackmailing the county by taking stands which are flimsy, and cater only to it’s own support base.

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