Child Labour: The ugly face of Childhood


Citizen Picture by Harman

Childhood, the most innocent phase in our life. During this stage of life the human foundation is laid for a successful adult life. A flash back into the childhood, for most of us, there are sweet memories. but for some it is always a nightmare. Child working in different areas also called as Child Labour is one ugly face of childhood and Like other parts of the country, it continues to be a big problem in Jammu. There are many industries and individuals, who engage innocent children in work under difficult conditions.  One can see children working in factories, hotels, dhabas, commercial complexes and other hazardous places.

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Despite may welfare schemes like mid-day meal,  free books, financial assistances, the little kids are still found working everywhere and no one gives a damm. Though the child laborer provides financial support to their families but that is a short-term support. In the long run it is a loss for the child as well as to the society.

The Government has on its pay roll, Labour Inspectors whose job is to monitor activities pertaining to child labour. But it seems that they are not souldering ther duties responsibly. The future of this nation is the children. And instead of nourishing them and nurturing them with a healthy childhood, they are letting be tortured in dungeon-like work places.

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