Jammu and Kashmir bore its worse days lately surrendering to the anger of nature in the recent days flooding the past and the dreams, leaving everyone with a bleak account of faded memories. Taukeer Ahmed, a 10 year old boy was airlifted safely by NDRF but he still had something lost in the flooding debris of his past home. Even during the rescue when the family was drowned in anticipation of a worried future, all he was concerned about were his books. “He is the kind of kid who loves his books. As we all rushed towards the roof of our house to save ourselves from the floodwater, the first thing he tried to take was his school bag,” said the boy’s father Mushtaq Ahmed. As the family had to abandon the house in a rush while a rescue helicopter was waiting for them they left their belongings and assets there only and were moved to Rangreth to take shelter but the little boy held his hopes intact and was being adamant to get his books back before the past would erase them from his mind. He had his dreams floating somewhere amid the raged water. He was taken to the location and his father showed him how the whole locality is sunk in water and it was nearly impossible to retrieve the school bag. The boy still didn’t want to step back, he was relentless and seeked help from NDRF, they couldn’t refuse the boy and took him to his house on a boat. His father had to climb up the ladder and enter through an open window. A clock could be seen from the window which showed the time caged somewhere in the past, in the frozen hands of that clock portraying the exactness of his heart. His father Mushtaq emerged from the house holding his school bag and a few more belongings bringing a smile on the kid’s face but the moment of triumph ended soon as his school books were all damaged due to the water. He couldn’t help the flood of tears pouring out from his eyes.

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