Chilling rape threat to an outstation NIT Srinagar girl student

Srinagar, April 07: Recent reports that have been doing rounds on social media which say that the outstation girl students of NIT Srinagar are now getting rape threats by Local Kashmiri students.

This has been conveyed by a student to a national daily whose name is withheld so that she does not have to face retaliation. The girl was the resident of Uttar Pradesh and was very terrified. She told the daily over phone that a group of Kashmiri students walked up to her on Wednesday and said: ‘Ek ke saath rape hoga to sab thande pad jaoge’ (If one of you gets raped, the rest will fall silent).”

The girl also said that the non-Kashmiri male students were beaten brutally by the police personnel on Monday and if there had been any girls with them, they would also have been beaten up in the same way.

As reported by this national daily, the girl students of NIT has lost faith in the college administration and the college administration. They are all scared for their life and honour.

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