China, US should mind their own business: Mehbooba Mufti


NEW DELHI: Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday hit out at National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah’s remarks on Kashmir issue and said that the situation in the Valley will become the same as Syria and Afghanistan if America starts intervening.
“China, America should mind their own business, we all know what is the situation of the countries wherever they intervened, be it Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq,” Mehbooba told ANI.
Questioning Abdullah as to his awareness of what led to the current state of affairs in Syria and Afghanistan, the chief minister asserted that only bilateral talks between India and Pakistan can help resolve the Kashmir issue.
“What is the situation in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq today? Does Farooq sahab wants same thing to happen to us?,” she asked.
“As Vajpayeeji said in the Lahore Declaration, India and Pakistan should hold talks to resolve Kashmir issue,” she added.

Mehbooba’s statements came in response to Abdullah’s remarks suggesting that third party countries like China and US should mediate in the Kashmir issue.
The NC leader said India has so many allies across the globe, which can be approached for settling the Kashmir issue and act as a mediator between India and Pakistan.
“For how long are you going to wait? Sometimes, you have to catch the bull by its horns. Use your allies to initiate a dialogue and find a lasting solution. US President Donald Trump has said he wants to settle the Kashmir problem, we didn’t ask them to. China also said that it wants to mediate in Kashmir. Somebody has to be approached,” Abdullah had said on Friday.

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