CID official from Jammu beaten up on train but saves 100 people

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Jammu: A constable working for the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Mukesh, was found in a critical situation at the Govindsar Railway Station, Kathua.

The local auto drivers, who were in the vicinity that time, took him to the Kathua Hospital. The doctors at the sub-divisional hospital referred him to GMC Jammu.
Mukesh, who is a resident of Chann Aroriyan area’s village Tandiyadi, was travelling by Uttar Sampark Kranti from New Delhi to Kathua. Around 10:30 pm, the train stopped at the Panipat Station and few men, with sticks and bats, got on the train forcefully and started beating and looting the passengers. Mukesh in his attempts to save people got injured badly. He, however, managed to save almost 100 fellow passengers.
According to Mukesh, the staff of the train advised the injured passengers to get off the next station and get themselves treated. Mukesh decided to reach Kathua and get himself treated there.
He was unconscious when few men helped him get off the train. As per the GRP Kathua Railway Station’s Police Station In charge, Bhupinder Singh, an FIR was filed as per the directions given by Mukesh, that was later sent to DSP and SSP Raliway and investigation was started. The matter has also been reported with the Panipat Police Station who assured that there is no such event reported with them.
Also, with inputs from Mukesh, it is suspected that the attackers were Jatt and had attacked as part of their demonstration for the Jatt reservation.
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