CII Jammu Marathon: How to prepare?


Running a marathon can be intimidating, but it may be a dream of yours if you are a runner. It is not an easy accomplishment, but if you put your whole mind, body and soul into it, you will be determined to conquer it. You can opt for one of the following categories:

3k Run/Walk “Fun Run”

Taking a first is more important than finishing first, 3k run is open invitation for any one from 5yr to 90 yr.

5k Run/Walk “Family Run”

Why to run alone when entire family can participate together, You don’t have to be experienced marathon runner for this one, bring your family, team along run, dance, walk, jog, inspire.. Have a great time and burn a few calories.

10 km “Timed Run”

The 10k category is ideal for the experience runners and running enthusiastic, This is a great opportunity to meet fellow marathon runners and gain knowledge while you earn your personal best at thought-provoking track.


Here are a few things that will help you strike a perfect balance:

1. Read a book: You can find many books that will educate you on marathon training. I suggest buying one. There is so much more to know to help you along the way. Running a marathon will take a strategy.

2. Commitment: If you choose to run a marathon, be sure it is a good time in your life for such a big commitment. Marathon training will “own you” for a few months. I had to plan my last marathon around our family summer vacation so that I would not miss my long run on the weekend.

3. Pick your race: For your first race you will want to find one that suits you best. You can ask other marathoners ones that they may have enjoyed or ones to avoid. I personally enjoy ones that are flat and fast, scenic and with great crowd support. If you pick a hilly course, you will want to be sure to train on some hills.

4. Training Plan: You can go online and find many training plans to suit your busy schedule. For the more experienced runner, you will most likely find an 18-week plan. Runners who are newer to running may need to follow a longer one. Give yourself plenty of time to train and don’t cheat yourself on your scheduled runs. As you get further into your training, there will be runs that are 17 miles or more at a time. The most important run during your week is your long run on the weekend, which will prepare you mentally and physically for the 26.2 miles that are ahead of you. Be sure to keep to your rest days as well; they will keep you healthy.

5. Shoes: Make sure you have the right shoes and socks for your training. You may want to go take time to visit a specialty running store that will put you in the right shoe for your foot type. Once you find the shoe that works for you, stick with it. Wearing the right running shoe can help you avoid injury. With the extra miles that you are putting in, your shoes will need to be replaced more often. Check with your shoe retailer to see what is recommended. Wearing the proper running attire on marathon day is very important as well. You may want something that is light and moisture wicking. You can find running gear that is either for cold or warm weather running at your local sports store.

6. Fueling: You will be running for long periods of time, so you will need to consider some type of fueling along the way. If you are currently a runner, you may already know what works best for you (gels or chews). Use your longer runs to find what works best for you. The best advice I received was to take my longer runs and mimic marathon day with whatever I was going to eat for breakfast and my choice of fueling and hydration along the way. That way you will know what works for you and what doesn’t. Whatever you do, do not try anything new on marathon day.

7. Nutrition: Proper nutrition is also very important. You will be running a lot of miles, so be sure to eat enough calories from the right foods to replenish your body. You will need to educate yourself on nutrition, carb loading and proper hydration. This is all very important. You should be able to find some articles online or there are books available for runners that would properly educate you on these topics.

8. Race Day: This is the most important day of all of your training. You have worked hard to get here, so be proud of what you have done. You will most likely be nervous, but that is normal. Just relax and trust your training. Running a marathon is mentally and physically challenging. Once you cross the finish line you will feel like a champion. Be proud. You have now become part of the 1 percent of the population that has finished a marathon. You are a true inspiration to others.

Enough Inspiration?

So, tie those shoe-laces and Get, Set, Go

And don’t forget to send in your training/work-out pics to +919906088332 and get chance to win exciting gift hampers

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