Incessant rains resulting in a more wretched road infrastructure



By Citizen Journalist Rehaan Akhtar

The recent rain in the city has aggravated the problem of commuters especially after last year’s floods have taken a heavy toll on the civil infrastructure. The city streets are filled with potholes as the concerned authorities have refused to repair the roads. The rain and snow in the last few days have ruined the wretched road infrastructure and has exposed the lack of attention and attentiveness of the department in the city. Commuting on such destructed roads has become a daily nightmare. The scenario has gone even worse after the incessant rains for the past two days. The floods had already affected the road network and now the repair is stalled and the situation has further deteriorated.

The bumpy and damaged roads pose a huge risk for daily travelers and the authorities need to take immediate notice of the situation. No repair works have been carried out since the September floods. Sometimes the way is blocked, sometimes the vehicles get stuck in the potholes which further increases the risk of road mishaps. The government has to address these problems as this is the cry of every citizen even if it is trivial. The wretched condition of roads also leads to long traffic jams further worsening the whole situation. All the major roads in Srinagar have developed potholes which hampers the smooth connectivity and the flow of vehicles.


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