City FM JK- Jammu and Kashmir’s first online radio station



Jammu and Kashmir has got its first Internet radio station which recorded listenership of over 30,000 lon day one, despite poor connection. The online radio station has been started by Tariq Ahmad Salfi, who is a resident of Jammu and Kashmir. The radio  is gaining popularity from local areas as well as foreign countries including USA, UK and Russia. Tariq is a mass communication graduate who initially started the radio station as a pilot project under the name City FMJK which was mainly aimed at the local population. Eventually, he was informed by the Bangalore based technical team that the channel is gaining listenership from foreign countries as well. Further investments were hence made in the radio channel.  Tariq has attempted many unsuccessful business ventures before. “I have sold my personal car to pump money in this project. I am putting all my resources and emotions behind this idea,” he told.

Despite poor internet connectivity the channel mustered listenership of over 30,000 on day one. Tariq told that the smart phone revolution and the accessibility is what triggered the idea of net based radio. He added that the channel will serve the purpose of information as well as entertainment. “It is the first such concept in Kashmir and we believe that we have been successful in launching the project,” he added. The online application can be downloaded from Google play store.

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