The city welcomes the President while ‘aam aadmi’ is ignored, yet again


By Citizen Journalist Pravesh

Pictures by Sandeep


The faded footpaths are being painted, the broken roads are being patched up, the darkened street lamps are being lighted on, flowers are being planted along the boulevard and the streets are being swept clean. Welcome Mr. President, to a ‘beautiful’ Jammu, just for you.


The city may be in a chaos under normal circumstances but it all comes in order when a dignitary or a high official pays a visit to Jammu. Such is the case with Mr. President’s arrival today which again brought the temporary beautification of Jammu’s roads and streets into play. Yes, the city is well taken care of under such occasions and why not after all? The First Person is here, who else we need to answer to, the government thinks.

One may experience a bumpy ride on that busy junction of the road with a faulty traffic signal and annoying potholes but who’s to heed to it? The municipal corporation is busy being busy and well, no one is coming anyway? Why should tax paying common citizens reap the benefits from the government, let the elections come or someone important or rather very important pay a visit. Well obviously a city wide drive will be employed and touched up then to put a pretty picture for him.



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