Civil administration’s role most unfortunate: Sunil Sethi


The State BJP express serious concern about the overall failure of the State Government and Civil Administration in dealing with the catastrophe as a result of recent unprecedented floods in the State of J&K.

While the people are crying for help and rescue as also for rehabilitation, the State machinery is no where to be seen and the Ministers and high officers have run to the saver places leaving the flood victims in lurch. Whereas Army is providing all help and rescuing the victims, the civil administration is not even cooperating with the Army to the bare minimal which is required. This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Sunil Sethi (Sr. Adv.) while addressing media persons at Jammu and flanked by BJP State Spokesperson & State Press Secretary Balbir Ram Rattan.

BJP pc (1)Sunil Sethi said that with all senior Ministers having left Kashmir for safer places, the people are feeling cheated and abandoned and as such there is large scale discontentment amongst the people on the governance. Even the senior bureaucrats are not to be found at their headquarters and have taken recourse to leaving their respective departments headless while moving out of Kashmir and by camaflaouging that the operations are overseen by them from the safer places at Jammu, which will be practically impossible. It is dismaying that the ship of governance has been abandoned by its captain and the lower staff which are engaged in some sort of rescue to bare minimum are also dis-heartened and clueless about what has to be done.


Sunil Sethi said that in a democracy it was expected for the Ministers, Legislators and senior bureaucrats to have rescued all the flood victims first before thinking about their leaving to the safer places to instill confidence in the masses and to support to the armed forces and para military forces who are involved in the massive exercise of evacuation and rehabilitation of flood victims. The Army is finding it difficult because of lack of cooperation from civil administration in identifying the areas which are required to be worked out but still the Army and para military forces are doing commendable jobs otherwise, the situation would have been worst. Sunil Sethi also said that the situation is going to be worst when the fall out for the floods will start and likelihood of epidemic and other diseases spreading which will take massive toll of human lives in case the work is not done on war footing by civil administration as well. He noted that the civil administration having failed on all fronts, coming days will be very difficult for flood victims in whole of the State.

Sunil Sethi also stated that while all efforts are being done to provide relief and evacuation to the flood victims in Kashmir valley, the first sufferers of floods in Jammu province and more so in far flung areas of Jammu, are not getting the attention which they need in rescue and rehabilitation. There are disturbing reports coming from far flung areas of Jammu province where floods and the resultant land slides have caused havoc to the lives and properties of the people who are also required to be protected and saved on equal footing.

Sethi impressed upon the government to take effective measures as a large number of people may be migrating from affected areas of the state to Jammu, where the basic infrastructure and related facilities are not available to accommodate thousands of people and hence preparations in this regard need to be made in advance.