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To contribute to the democratic ethos of our country and to empower the citizens, especially that of Jammu and Kashmir, SRG has launched U4UVoice.Com, a citizen journalism news portal where everyone will get a chance to speak about issues close to their heart, express opinions, and discuss issues in a fair and balanced manner. Voice of the common man on the street would be represented on this platform, and all efforts are being made to connect with the people, and to empower them through mobile phones, cameras, and with their writing.
We believe everyone has a journalist deep inside and there is strong desire to share news, views, and issues with everyone around. The lack of a good medium often discourages us from doing this but U4UVoice plans to change all this. We aim to provide you with a platform to easily share your views with larger society in Jammu and Kashmir as well as across the world.

If you face any problem in writing a story, or developing an idea you can also contact us at, and get any help you want in this regard.

2 thoughts on “iReport: From the Citizens of Jammu and Kashmir

  • March 23, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    Dear Editor,

    Through your site I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the mafia created by auto rickshaws in jammu city. We all must have observed that each auto rickshaw roaming in the roads of Jammu city is decorated with the telephone numbers of R.T.O as well as traffic police but has anybody bothered to check whether the telephone numbers published are functional . Further there is the line mention ” pay according to meter” I would just like to see one auto rickshaw in jammu which has functional meter or if it is functional then authorities should publish the number of that auto rickshaw in local newspaper so that the people can use that. Further I am shocked everything is happening just under the nose of authorities and still they behave as if they are ignorant. Hope that this article is wake up call for our transport minister or he is waiting for agitation for this also.


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