Class 7th student from Hyderabad to work as data scientist in software company


He is just 12-years-old, but soon he will work as a data scientist for a reputed software company in Hyderabad. Don’t be surprised!

Siddharth Srivastav Pilli, a class 7 student of Sri Chaitanya school was selected for the position at a software company named Montaigne Smart Business Solutions, after being encouraged by his parents from an early age.

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Taking inspiration from his father who learned cloud computing and artificial intelligence at a young age, Siddharth Srivastav Pilli has set a new benchmark by getting selected as a data scientist at such a young age.

“I am 12 years old and I work as a data scientist in a software company called Montaigne Smart Business Solutions. I study in Sri-Chaitanya Techno Schools in the 7th Class. My biggest inspiration for joining a software company is Tanmay Bakshi because he got a job in Google at a very young age as a developer and is helping the world understand how beautiful the Artifical Intelligence (AI) revolution is,” Siddharth said.

Thanking his father for getting him interested in coding from a very small age he said, “The person who helped me a lot to get a job at a young age is my dad, who used to show me different biographies and teach me coding. Everything I am today is because of him.”