Clean furniture the right way


A-woman-cleaning-furniture-jpgNew Delhi:  Sparkling furniture makes for an impressive home. Make sure you use the right cleaning and maintenance methods for different kinds of furniture items.

Indian online home store has listed ways to ensure that everything from your dressers, tables, couches, chairs to bookcases look squeaky clean all year round:

* Painted furniture: Painted furniture is the easiest to clean. On a weekly basis, dust or wipe it clean with a cloth dampened with water. Be sure not to leave water spots on the surface as they can leave permanent marks. Add an oil finish for the best possible protection.

* Wooden furniture: Wooden furniture needs to be cleaned with extra care. For everyday cleaning, use a soft and dry piece of cloth to dust such pieces. Special cleaning will involve the use of a lint-free cloth to polish the furniture on a regular basis. To avoid polish smudges, always use the same type of polish, oil-based or wax-based, throughout. Wipe in the direction of the grain of the wood whenever possible. When it is time to remove the built-up wax, use either mineral spirits or synthetic turpentine with a soft, lint-free cloth. Clean the entire piece of furniture with the polish and not just the area that’s soiled.

* Leather furniture: Leather is one material that can crack easily so keep it away from heat or direct sunlight. Cleaning it is relatively easy if done regularly. Use a damp sponge or soft cloth and dust the furniture daily. If there are excessive marks, make a solution with one-fourth cup white vinegar and half cup water. Dip a soft cloth in this solution and clean the furniture. Follow this with a wash of leather saddle soap. Afterwards, rub the furniture with a dry soft cloth.

* Wicker and cane furniture: Dust regularly and vacuum often to get rid of the grime settled in the cracks of the finishes. When exposed to intense sunlight, the natural fibres of wicker, cane and rush furniture tend to dry out. In such conditions, place the piece of furniture in a bathtub full of warm water or spray with a hose outside. This will help your chairs, stools and tables to retain their natural fibre setting.

* Upholstered furniture: Keep upholstered furniture away from direct sunlight as most fabrics tend to fade. Vacuum the surfaces weekly. Flip cushions and pillows regularly so both sides wear out evenly.

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