Scattered garbage, filth, mosquitoes, blocked drainage- Is this how I imagine my beautiful Jammu?



By Citizen Journalist: By Piyush Gupta

Jammu: The filth and garbage scattered on the roads of Panjtirthi is a stark example of the extremely pathetic state of Jammu region. We take pride in the beauty of this city but we barely care about maintaining it, let alone enhancing it. Every corner of the road is adorned with huge heaps of garbage, blocked drainage, filth, mosquitoes and more litter. The picture, as horrible as it looks, has equally hazardous impact on the health of the residents as well.

Swacchh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Mission), a campaign which was initiated by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of Clean India on October, 2, 2014 was allegedly to generate an awareness among people and to make them realize their duty towards their society as a responsible citizen and not just to serve as a pictorial event.

But the scattered garbage presents a different story all together as people still feel free to litter around and continue worsening the region scattering garbage openly and carelessly on roads. They lift their garbage from their homes and throw it on the roads nearby their localities which eventually chokes the drains and water logging becomes another problem stemming from this. This is not the condition of one single locality of the Jammu city but of many other cities including the posh localities.

Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) is supposed to take as much responsibility as the people for making the city a clean and green city. We can’t just go on dreaming of a smart city when even the local roads are filthy and improper. There is a need for the government to take extensive steps and also for the people to realise their moral duties towards the environment and the city.

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