“Clean up, the Health Minister is coming for surprise visit”, orders Director of health services


Puneet G


Before I begin to start picking the faults with the Management of Health Services, I request that you please read the text in the following image.

Notification Health Services

If it was not too visible for you, let me write it down for you here.The Director of Health Services has written an advisory to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Jammu Division to Ensure Cleanliness and Punctuality in Health Institutions. This advisory has been issued on 04.03.15, just three days ago.

In the body the boxed text read this, “You are aware that Hon’ble Sh. Lal Singh has taken over as Minister of Health and Medical Education, ARI & Trainings. He is likely to tour extensively the health institutions of the division in the coming days without prior notice.”

Now, at first sight, it may look like the Minister is already down to action and that in itself is commendable. I do not have a problem with the minister’s visit per se but I cannot easily let go of the the pitiable state of affairs that elucidates the working ethics of our governmental system.

It should bother anyone that Director of Health services has to send in a reminder to the CMO of Jammu division to take care of cleanliness and punctuality of every Health Institution of Jammu Division.

The health institutions should be clean because a minister can pay a surprise visit anytime? Really? So does that mean that since the Minister is not to visit all the time because of other occupations, the Hospitals can stay in an insanitary condition?

So in the absence of a Health Minister or any other Minister’s surprise visits the Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Medical Institutions do not have to be cleaned? If you do not agree to my dismayed lamentations, please have a look at these images which have been taken today.

GMC unclean  GMC unclean  GMC unclean  GMC unclean  GMC unclean

These images show how things operate when they fall under the purview of the administration. The advisory issued by the health director to the CMO is disheartening on multiple levels because

-First it has been three days since the notification of the surprise visit and nothing seems to have been done around that. Let me remind you that these pictured were taken today.

-Second, minister visit or not, our Government run health institutions in Jammu and Kashmir are known to be in the most insalubrious and unsanitary state. So much so that there are people who prefer NOT going to the Government Hospitals in Jammu and Kashmir because of the unhygienic conditions.

The cleanliness of the Medical institutions cannot rely on the visits of any dignitary. The hospitals atleast should be the last places to be incubators for all sorts of infections arising because the management is inefficient at cleaning the place up.

Here are more images from the Gandhi Nagar Hospital. You can decide for yourself if this should be the state of a place where the requirement of Sanitation is paramount! Cleanliness at the hospitals is the first thing we expect at the hospitals, not the last!

Gandhi Nagar Hospital unclean  Gandhi Nagar Hospital unclean  Gandhi Nagar Hospital unclean

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