Cleanliness campaign in Jammu took a backseat during Navratri conclusion

Tawi loaded with dumped waste right after the ‘Clean India’ campaign.

Navratri-considered as the most auspicious and pious festival celebrated widely in Jammu, concluded today. The local flowing streams are thronged with devotees who are there to perform the ‘Khetri Visarjan’ Ritual and while serving the holy Goddess we tend to forget the rituals we should perform as a person, as a society. Despite of the available provision of dumping polythene outside, people chose to act oblivious and rather dumped it in the river.

Cleanliness comes next to godliness and we carelessly skip the responsibilities we should carry forward in the society as a person without giving it a second thought. Ironically this is happening right after the ‘Clean India’ campaign issued by our PM Narendra Modi which evoked the public to step out in streets and sweep away the garbage but unfortunately in the course of our ritual ceremony we ended up curbing the responsibility we took just a day before. It seems that the state took the campaign adversely to curb cleanliness instead of spreading it. While it is inevitably understood that such rituals are to be performed but had they  been performed more cautiously the campaign would have driven forward even the next day.

The rituals performed carelessly,curbing the cleanliness drive
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