Clear stand on Article 370: Devender Rana to Muftis

370Describing BJP-PDP unholy and opportunistic alliance dangerous for secular foundations of Jammu and Kashmir, Provincial President National Conference  Devender Singh Rana on Sunday predicted its rout with people pronouncing decisive verdict in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

He said that open overtures of PDP towards BJP raise question mark on the credibility of the party that has been pretending to be the so-called custodian of peoples’ rights.

“Now that the cat has come out of bag, Muftis will have to clear their stand on Article 370 and permanent residence laws of Jammu and Kashmir, which has been eyesore of the BJP and its allied Sangh outfits”, Mr Rana said while campaigning for the alliance candidate Mr Madan Lal Sharma in Nagrota assembly constituency. He addressed several meetings in the peripheral villages.

The Provincial President said that National Conference had no issues with PDP going saffron but the facade or Mukhota it has been wearing over the years to exploit innocent people exposes its duplicity and treachery. “Coming late as it is, the exposure of PDP being extension of BJP was destined”, he said and warned the two parties not to undermine the political sagacity of the people who can make difference between friends and fores.

Mr Rana said BJP too has been exposed for generating puppets to further its agenda in a sensitive state like Jammu and Kashmir. “By raking up the bogey of Article 370, if BJP thinks PDP can be instrumental in diluting it, they are miserably wrong”, he said adding that National Conference will stand a rock in thwarting any such misadventure as it has done ever before.

Describing Article 370 as a bridge of trust between J&K and rest of the nation, Mr Rana reiterated that this important Article of the Constitution cannot be abrogated at all. “Despite knowing this, BJP was indulging in rhetoric just to hoodwink public opinion and to push their extremist agenda. He reminded the BJP leadership and its cohorts in Kashmir about the veteran legendary leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee over Article 370, who in reply to a question of a journalist, as External Affairs Minister, had said that it is easy to say anything when in Opposition, and different when in government.

While urging the people not to get swayed by the propaganda of religion being in danger, Mr Rana said that ensuing elections are all about undertaking development, strengthening peace, supplementing utility services, creating avenues of employment, combating poverty and ignorance and taking the nation ahead in this fast changing world.  He said this can be achieved only when progressive and forward looking forces take the command of the nation and not those working for divisions in the society.

The Provincial President made a passionate appeal to the voters for supporting the coalition candidate, saying it will be vote for the people friendly policies of the government led by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah.

Those present on the occasion included Rameshwar Dutt, Som Nath Khajuria, Subash Singh, Mohan Lal, Shiv Ram, Khurshaid Ali, Balwan Singh, Abdul Gafoor, Balwan Singh, Kuldeep Kumar, Gulail Singh, Narinder Singh, jagdev Singh, Munshi Ram, Parveen Sharma and others.


sunil kumar