Close NIT for a week, advises Omar

Jammu, April 07: The NIT Srinagar campus should be closed for a week or more advised former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah as the NIT issue that has been burning the state.

Omar made this statement during an interview with a national daily. He also said that the deployment of central forces inside the NIT campus and bringing special teams from HRD ministry has set a wrong precedent.

The right way was to leave the matter on the administration of NIT to resolve. By bringing in extraneous elements, both security and administrative, a situation has now been created where the politicians and wannabe politicians are now getting involved, said the ex CM.

Omar also conveyed his concern for the Kashmiri students who are studying in other parts of the country and said that if Kashmiri students are harassed anywhere else in India, will there be any calls to governors and CMs from the union home minister? Will HRD ministry be sending special teams and deploying CRPF at the campus.

He gave the example of the Kashmiri kids who were arrested on charges of eating meat in Rajasthan recently  and said that the episode will bring an open season on Kashmiri students in different campuses outside Kashmir.

“We have already seen students being arrested in Rajasthan; we have also had profiling and dossiers of Kashmiri students being prepared in West Bengal. Who knows what else will happen now?”, asked Omar.

As a solution to the NIT row, Omar suggested that the government needs to handle the situation with cool head. “Let the authorities close NIT for a couple of weeks, get the hostels vacated and let tempers calm down. This is not unique. Such options have been exercised earlier so that things settle down,” he said.

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