Clothes drive to empower slum dwellers


Picture courtesy: Huffingtonpost
Kolkata: If you have spare clothes in relatively good condition, or accessories like belts, bags and scarves, do not hesitate to donate them to slum dwellers here as it could help them make some money, thereby empowering them.

The Kolkata Clothes Drive, organised by the Responsible Charity in Kolkata and Pune on the first Sunday of each month, is not just an ordinary donation campaign.

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“These clothes are put together, washed and then sold by the slum dwellers. It helps to empower them by giving them a chance to make some money,” self-sustainability in-charge of the charity, Shayandeep Sarkar told.

Sarkar said the drive will take place next Nov 2 simultaneously in Pune and Kolkata.

Citizens of the eastern metropolis can donate the clothes at the organisation’s centre in south Kolkata.